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Stressfull moments [Jan. 27th, 2008|03:37 pm]
Nintendo 64 Players!
Well, my stressfull moment was when I played Perfect Dark making level War in perfect agent.  There were 3 objectives, kill the first, the second and the third king skedar.  At the begginning, I was the first in the front with my allies, once I was near from the bridge, the ennemies were over there and we continue until I kill the first king skedar.  The second objective to achieve was less easy because some of my allies were "probably" dead during the battle, there were more ennemies but I succeded to eliminate the second king.  And finally, I found a path to avoid a bunch of skedar and before I entered in the third king skedar's room, I prepared my maulers to kill in one shot and once I opened the doors, I killed him before he shot.  (he shoots rockets and I've been killed often)

When I've done this level, it was very stressfull from the beginning to the last because I shook and I tried to finish the level quickly !!!

I have other stressful moments I would tell.